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October 19, 2023

Digitizing Your Older Media Explained


Digitizing Your Older Media Explained

What the heck is digitizing anyway?

Digitizing is a process that takes physical (analog, if you prefer another tech term) items and makes digital files of them that can be processed by a computer. 

Digitizing is our passion here at Capture, and something we are very, very good at it. We digitize all formats of older media: tapes, film reels, photos and more so that you can view, share, and send them on today’s phones, tablets, computers, and other tech devices. 

Digitizing also gives you a future-proof copy of your precious memories, so you can easily back them up along with your other digital files. 

We make digitizing really, really easy: 

1. Order your Time Capsule

Simply choose the Time Capsule box size you think you need. Have more items than the box indicates? No worries. Simply put them in the box and we’ll digitize those too.

2. Send us your memories

We’ll ship you the Time Capsule Box, along with detailed instructions that are easy to follow and a prepaid shipping label. If you have any questions, we’re here to help.

3. Sit tight. Get excited.

Four to five weeks after we receive your Time Capsule, we’ll send you back another box. In it will your original memories, along with digital files of your memories on either a USB thumb drive or a DVD (whatever you chose when you placed your order). Your new digital files will also be automatically added to your Google Photos Library. 

4. Enjoy!

Add your files to any device. Post them to social media. Share them with friends and family. Use them to create that just-right personalized gift.

You can rest easy knowing that your memories are protected from damage and degradation. While preservation is what often brings customers to us, customers tell us that getting the chance to really share and enjoy their memories is an unexpected delight. In addition, digitizing also lets you back up your memories just as you do your other important files—on the cloud, on drives, in multiple places.

Get started 

Sound easy? It is. Want to find out more? Ready to get started? Have questions? We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you protect and preserve your memories.


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