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March 22, 2023

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Camhoa Chau

What counts as an Item?

  • 1 videotape = 1 item
  • 1 film reel = 1 item
  • 25 slides = 1 item
  • 25 photo prints = 1 item
  • 25 negative images = 1 item
  • 1 digital media device = 1 item

What if I have more items to convert?

You may add items for an additional charge as indicated on the barcode stickers. Simply label each extra item with an Additional item barcode sticker, and we’ll invoice you when we receive your Time Capsule.

How can I view my videos and photos in my Google Photos account?

You’ll be able to add your digitized videos and photos to your Google Photos account at the simple touch of a button. Full instructions for uploading to Google Photos will be provided with your completed order.

Will my digitized home movies and photos count towards my Google Photos storage quota?

Beginning in January 2021, Google account storage quota will apply to orders added directly to Google Photos from your MemoryCloud account.

Your Google account comes with 15GB of free storage. If your order causes the storage quota to exceed 15GB, we will not upload your order to Google Photos. To use this feature, you will need to reduce your Google Cloud storage or upgrade your Google storage plan (requires subscription fee). Your order will not automatically upload to Google Photos until you have upgraded your Google storage allotment.

Digitized photos and videos added to Google Photos in 2020 or earlier will not be subject to Google account storage quota.

What is the purpose of the Time Capsule?

The Time Capsule creates digital replicas of your memories originally captured on older media formats. You choose which memories you want to send and your preferred output: USB Flash Drive, DVD, or Digital Copy. You receive digital replicas, without manual editing or artificial enhancements.

How long will it take to get my digitized memories?

You will receive your order about 4 weeks (includes processing and return shipping) from the time we receive your Time Capsule; it will include your original media and any Digital Copy, USB, or DVD you ordered.

Will my original items be returned?

Your original media and containers will be returned with your completed order.

Note: Movie film will be cleaned and spliced onto new 7-inch plastic reels. Your original reels will be returned empty.

Can you process my videotape if it is damaged?

If your videotape case is damaged, it must be repaired in order to process the tape. We will automatically repair your case as part of our process; there is no charge for this service. If your videotape ribbon is damaged, it will also require repair before processing. If repair involves removing any portion of your footage, we will contact you for approval prior to repair.

What happens if you are unable to process my media?

If we find one of your items is blank or we are unable to process for another reason, we will provide an item credit to your account for use on future orders.

What if my items exceed the value of my Time Capsule?

You’re welcome to add additional home movies and photos to your Time Capsule by using the Additional Item barcodes included with your box. We will send you an invoice for the additional items when we receive your Time Capsule.

How do I activate my Time Capsule?

Once your Time Capsule is filled and securely packed, activate it so we know it will be on its way to us.

  1. To activate, enter your code and click the Activate Time Capsule button.
  2. Fill in your contact and return shipping information and click the Complete Activation button
  3. Drop off your Time Capsule at your local UPS Store.


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