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October 19, 2023

A Virtual Fire Safe


A Virtual Fire Safe

Create A Virtual Fire Safe For Your Memories


According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, 2021 ranked second all-time (behind only 2020) for the number of major natural disasters in the U.S. (20), and third all-time in related costs - $145 billion.

Through any post-disaster devastation, a sadness that knows no economic, social or political boundaries creeps into the hearts of victims as they sift through the rubble of their homes: a sadness over the loss of memories.

Pictures, home movies, and family photo albums — the very essence of memory in its most tangible form — are the seemingly small mementos that leave the biggest void for many victims of natural disasters. Kitchens can be remodeled and floors be retiled, but these delicate pieces of the past cannot be replaced.


Technology Can Save the Day; Put Your Memories in a “Virtual Firebox”

Saving your old home movies and photos in a ‘virtual firebox’ in the cloud can save you heartache later. If you ever find yourself facing a natural disaster, you don’t want to have to think about which of your memories you can save; skip the plastic storage bins and switch to a virtual firebox — and if something does happen, you will always have the option of printing off more photos, you’ll be able to watch your home movies online from anywhere in the world and best of all share them and pass them down to further generations all digitally.

Floods, Fires and Just the Ravages of Time

Hurricanes, floods, fires and whatever else Mother Nature’s wrath may have in store can be equally as devastating — and simply the passage of time can damage your photos and videos.

Of course, many of us think that the odds of ever facing a major natural disaster are quite small. But in addition to loss from catastrophes, millions of old tapes and family photos tucked away in the basement or attic are slowly decaying just due to the passage of time. An InfoTrends Video User Study showed that 4 out of 5 people (78 percent) did not realize that video tapes degrade in quality over time, making them unviewable.

Temperature is a key factor in making film deteriorate at a rapid pace. Even if stored in optimum conditions, time itself takes its toll on our video memories, and causes the dyes in the film fade a bit each day, making it all the more critical to save your memories virtually before they literally fade away.

Save Yourself the Heartache of Loss

“What would you take with you if your house was burning down or flooding?” Most of us would answer this question with “My pictures and videos — those things that are irreplaceable.” But, lugging a firebox out the door doesn’t have to be part of your evacuation plan, and we can’t always count on heroes to come to the rescue when our priceless mementos are at stake.

We often realize the importance of something only when it’s gone. Heed the warning of those who’ve lost their memories, for it’s not the replaceable kitchens and homes mourned most, but more often, the irreplaceable photographs. As one hurricane survivor said, “You can replace a home. You can replace possessions within the home. But you’re never going to get the first photo of your newborn baby back.”

Unfortunately, these events are no longer isolated to a season or a “bad year” – they’re with us to stay nearly year-round. Take time now to act to protect your memories.  We hope you’ll consider Capture for your home video and photo digitizing, or even make time to start saving them yourself if that’s your preference. You can make your memories last forever by keeping them safe in a virtual firebox, and ensure they will survive the ravages of time and anything else Mother Nature sends our way.


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